The Beginning Experience Weekend

The weekend program is designed to help people who are widowed, separated or divorced.

What Happens on a Beginning Experience Weekend? 

Beginning Experience Team, the leaders of the program, are widowed, separated or divorced. The weekend lasts from a Friday evening, until late Sunday afternoon. The pattern of the weekend is as follows:

 First, a presentation of personal feelings is given by the Team.

 Second, participants are given time to reflect and write down feelings in notebooks that are kept private.

 Then participants are given time to talk with others on the weekend in small groups. Each person shares what he/she chooses. The Beginning Experience Team sets the atmosphere for the weekend.

The Beginning Experience Team 

Beginning Experience is a peer ministry. This means the team members have experienced similar situations and feelings as those participants who attend the weekend. Although not professional counselors, the team members are trained in the process of small-group facilitation and confidentiality.

Who Should Come/Attend? 

The weekend is meant for people who have worked through the initial anger and despair which usually attend the first stages of grief after death or separation of one's spouse. The weekend is for people who believe that life must begin again.

What the Weekend is Not 

It is not a sensitivity group. There is no manipulation by the Team. The weekend is not a retreat in the sense of withdrawal from the world. What is experienced is applicable to everyday life. The inner life is strengthened as well.

Upcoming BE Events

  June 21-23, 2013

  April 4-6, 2014

  September 12-14, 2014